180825_ESKER Rendering

Esker is a proposed multi family project located at 1208 Pine Street in Seattle. It is located on a principal pedestrian street that serves as a main connection to Seattle’s central business district. Esker is meant to add to the character of the vibrant and diverse community already established in the neighborhood while adding the tranquility of nature to urban living.


Site Plan and Photographs:

180825_ESKER Site Map

180825_ESKER Site Photo Key

180825_ESKER Site Photos 2

Notable features for the project include an extensive green roof with resident access and amenity space, a solar panel array on the rooftop, a rainwater collection system and cistern and a streetscape designed in accordance with the pollinator pathway.

Below are the three massing options that were submitted to the city; the third being the preferred option:

160825_ESKER Option Concept

160825_ESKER Preferred Option 3D Views

160825_ESKER Plans and Sections


All images are from the EDG phase of Washington’s review process. The full EDG packet can be found here.


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