Desk Sketch

This is a hand sketch of the reception desk for Solterra's headquarters building. The guidelines given were the rough dimensions of the desk and to incorporate the use of walnut; which they had in a warehouse waiting to be used. The walnut would be ripped into 1x1" segments of various lengths and applied to a cast in place concrete desk. The vertical concrete connects to the concrete floor with the use of hand tooled control joints (lines). The desk also showcases nature with built in planters that terrace up to a vine trellis. The company logo resides within the vine


Cove is multi family project currently under construction in Seattle, WA. This project was purchased from another firm with the permit in hand but the design didn't quite meet our standards. Our most notable design changes were an occupied green roof, a vegetated canopy above the retail level and the wave like cladding system. The building is cast in place concrete construction at the commercial levels and wood framing for the residential levels above. Careful means and methods and detailing consideration had to be given to the Easternmost wall adjacent to the nei


  Perch is a proposed multi family project in early development located at Duwamish Head in the Alki neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The building continues the trend of mid-rise development in the area and will add much needed commercial space and affordable housing to the area. Notable features of the project include a lush courtyard with extensive use of living wall systems, ample bike storage, a rooftop solar array, an occupied green roof space and a large rainwater collection system. The project is targeting LEED platinum. The full EDG packet can be found


Esker is a proposed multi family project located at 1208 Pine Street in Seattle. It is located on a principal pedestrian street that serves as a main connection to Seattle's central business district. Esker is meant to add to the character of the vibrant and diverse community already established in the neighborhood while adding the tranquility of nature to urban living.   Site Plan and Photographs: Notable features for the project include an extensive green roof with resident access and amenity space, a solar panel array on the rooftop, a


Atlas is a proposed multi-family building in Newcastle, WA. The building is adjacent to the town library and draws massing inspiration from hardcover books. The building program includes affordable housing, ground floor retail and a communal 2nd level courtyard that splits the building into two towers. Notable features include a vertically planted green wall, private terraces, ample bicycle parking and rooftop solar panels. Ground Level Plan: Second Level Plan: Representative Composite: The cladding consists of weathering steel and fibe

Early Concepts

These are some early concepts for Perch and other buildings that either didn't fit into the design or were brainstorming exercises that turned into other concepts. Enjoy!

Realistic Renderings

A series of renderings from life and from photography for an architectural drawing course. UMN Alumni Center - Drager House Set -

Dunsen Memorial Greenhouse

The Dunsen Memorial Greenhouse design for the Lower 9th Ward in NOLA submitted for the Chase competition was proposed to provide fresh vegetables to the area most ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The greenhouse is meant to house starter plants, which are then transferred to nearby neighborhood gardens. The design changes seasonally to accommodate humidity and temperature changes and requires little maintenance. The changes are made by swinging open or shutting the walls of the enclosed space via a pulley. All materials used are all locally sourced and it was built and m

Yagul Art Museum Project

Studio photographs, drawings and model for the Yagul Art Museum project. The site is adjacent to the ruins of Yagul in Oaxaca, Mexico. The program consists of a display area for given sculptures and a scholar’s library. The design is a series of heavy stone bases set into the ground with a much lighter steel mesh above. The mesh is supported by steel columns and covered in key areas with a weighted drop cloth. Notable themes are: following edges, the contrast of the heavy floor with the light roof, and how the floor and the roof can become walls. Site Plan -

Train Shed Project

This is a studio design for the North Star Rail train shed and platform at Target Field in downtown Minneapolis. The design was generated by a construction system based upon Kengo Kuma’s Spanish Restaurant. The system centers around using TJI floor joists as a ceiling system. Though inherently weak in one direction, they gain strength simply by laying one layer of the joists perpendicular to the other and securing them with ‘L’ fittings. This system is integrated into the site grid to form the skeletal design. The skeleton is then sheathed in semi-rusted, reclaim

Floor / Wall / Roof

Final drawings of the Floor/Wall/Roof project. Each set of drawings is focused on one element: the floor, the wall or the roof. The site exists in a theoretical space. A kit of parts was given for the wall and roof sections and only a limited number of modifications or “cuts” could be made to each of the walls. Floor - Wall - Roof -

Uptown Urban Park

First studio sketches and drawings of the Uptown Urban Park project. The site is located between two retail outlets in Uptown Minneapolis. The design is a combination of concrete and brick solids. Important design themes include: space within the wall, deceptive perspectives and highly saturated space. All drawings are inverted digitally. Axonometric - Elevation and Section - Sketches of Various Vantage Points -