St John’s Park Intervention

First studio sketches and drawings of sunken stone cells for seating for the St John’s Park design project. The site is located just south of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota. The design consists of ‘cells’ centered around trees and picnic tables that radiate around a central reflecting pool. The cells are connected by a footpath with a small water trench in the center. The end cell is an amphitheater for summer performances. Design Plan - Tree Cell Plan - Sketches and Initial Concept Drawings -

Spacial and Conceptual

A series of conceptual drawings and renderings for an architectural drawing course. Sublime - Free form rendering of what "sublime" endears. Solid / Less Solid / Airy - Splitting a rectangular shape into three cubes, each with less solid space than the last. X-Ray - An imagined x-ray view of an everyday object, in this case an electric pencil sharpener.  

Desert House Elevation

I felt like I hadn't done a plain elevation drawing in a while and I wanted to emulate watercolor digitally to see how it would turn out.  This is simple a house in an arid climate.  This was made in Illustrator and Photoshop based on an image.