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Perch is a proposed multi family project in early development located at Duwamish Head in the Alki neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The building continues the trend of mid-rise development in the area and will add much needed commercial space and affordable housing to the area. Notable features of the project include a lush courtyard with extensive use of living wall systems, ample bike storage, a rooftop solar array, an occupied green roof space and a large rainwater collection system. The project is targeting LEED platinum. The full EDG packet can be found here.

Site Context:

160825_PERCH Site Building Context


Establishment of the base massing was done with the design review board selection of a “C” shaped mass for the general shape. The progression from that point can been seen below:

160825_PERCH Preferred Option Evolution

Contextual Views of the Base Massing:
160825_PERCH Mass Perspective 1

160825_PERCH Mass Perspective 2

Massing Proportions within Context:

160825_PERCH Mass Proportions

The base mass was then given some realistic programming with special consideration given to the streetscape.


Plans and Section:

160825_PERCH Plans and Section


Courtyard Landscaping and Plan:

160825_PERCH Landscape and Articulation Options


The base mass then required further articulation and fenestration based on a number of design charettes and concepts. Some of the sketches from that process can be seen below:


Bigger stroke concepts:

Folding Perches Concept Sketch Folding Perches

More detailed, smaller stroke concepts:

Wrapped Nest 1Wrapped Nest 2Prisms 4Prisms 3


The “perch” is defined at a unit scale through the use of inset balconies and terraces. It is defined at a larger scale by the occupied roof deck as a point of observation. Not to mention it would be a crime not to use the roof as an occupied space with such a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound available. Below are some earlier hand sketches of the building’s massing articulation showing possible interpretations of the “perch” concept and a couple of views of from the site:

151208_Perch_ED Layered Boxes Wood 151208_Perch_ED Floating Perches Wood


Below are the final three massing articulations of the base mass submitted to the city with the preferred option being the first:

151211_Perch_ED Scheme C View 3 Final

151211_Perch_ED Scheme A View 3 Final

151211_Perch_ED Scheme B View 3 Final

All images are from the EDG phase of Washington’s review process. The project passed that review with the preferred option and is currently in DR.


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